About the Affordable Care Act

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made health insurance available for more citizens, but we continue to find too many individuals falling through the cracks in the healthcare system. Our patients do not qualify for assistance through the Health Insurance Marketplace or other programs.

In North Carolina, Medicaid is available for children in low income families, pregnant women and for family planning, the blind and disabled. The ACA provides subsidies for those with incomes between 101-400% of the Federal Poverty Level ($11,670-$46,680 for a single person), but if someone’s gross income is below 100% of FPL, they are ineligible for any subsidy.

During the ACA open enrollment periods, we work with volunteers from NC Legal Aid to help individuals enroll in coverage that is available to them and will continue to have volunteers available to help people navigate through the maze of accessing healthcare services and insurance.

Even with the ACA extending insurance coverage to 25 million more Americans over the next decade, the federal government estimates that 31 million people will still lack insurance by 2023.  There are also expected to be additional gaps including some services still not necessarily being affordable, limited provider availability, and services that are not covered (including dental care).

As our healthcare system evolves, we continue to strive to provide services to our neighbors in need.