You may need services that must be provided outside of NHC. We have a generous network of pro-bono (free or reduced cost) providers and facilities that have agreed to provide medically necessary services for our patients. A healthcare referral must come from a NHC provider to receive these services.

Charges for these services belong to you. The local hospitals work with us to provide basic testing at little or no cost to you, but you must not ignore any bills you receive. Call phone numbers listed on the bills. Make sure to ask questions about charges. Negotiation of any fees, payment plans and services outside of NHC is between the patient and the provider. Do NOT list NHC as the insurer or guarantor on any forms. NHC does not cover emergency room expenses or ambulance services.

There are a limited number of appointments available, so do your best to show up to your appointments on time and prepared. If NHC makes a referral appointment for you and you fail to keep it or cancel it, then you will be subject to the same “no show” consequences as you would at NHC. NHC will not reschedule the appointment, so you will need to do that yourself and set up private pay arrangements.