How It Works

After you are approved to be a New Hope Clinic patient, you will receive a call from one of our healthcare providers to ask about your health and healthcare needs. They will schedule your medical and dental appointments.
At your first appointment, your healthcare provider will advise you of any needed follow-up appointments and will assist you in scheduling those.

The New Hope Clinic provides primary care services in a patient-centered setting. Our health care providers will work with you as the patient to reach your health care goals. If and when medical specialists are needed to address any issues you have as a patient, we will work with you and Cape Fear HealthNet to try to find area providers to meet those needs. We expect our patients to call the New Hope Clinic first to coordinate any non-emergency care you may need.

  • 1 Application approved
  • 2 Call from our staff to talk about what help you need
  • 3 Staff schedules first appointment with a primary care provider at New Hope Clinic
  • 4 Provider meets with you in person and may order testing, medicines, and/or future appointments with them or other specialists
  • 5 You call the clinic with healthcare questions, when you are sick, and to schedule regular follow up appointments that could be in-person or virtual.

How do I use the pharmacy services?

To receive medication from our pharmacy, you must have a prescription written by one of our providers. All medications provided by New Hope Clinic pharmacy are completely free for our patients. For expensive medications, we try to get these through a Pharmacy Assistance Program. We do not have or prescribe any narcotics or controlled medications at New Hope Clinic, but we can help you find a provider to manage those medicines for you if they are needed.

For best results, call the New Hope Clinic one week before you run out of your prescribed medications and request a refill. If you want to pick up your refill the same day you called it in, you must call before 12pm that day.